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Fic: Black Sails

A couple of the Black Sails fics I've posted over on AO3 lately. *waves at anyone still around here* Big Gigantic Spoilers for season 2 if you haven't seen that.

Wrote this one first:

Capt. James Flint: Died of Wounds

and then this one, but I think they're related enough to go in a series.

What Remains

Moar Ianto/Chandler RP

Gotta keep this stuff somewhere, right?

Another bit of RP from awhile back.

Fic: Warehouse 13 AU

The Warehouse Takes on the Beach

Read more...Collapse )


Fic: Whitechapel/Torchwood, ~850 words

In the same verse as these others here. And there's some more Whitechapel here.

Fandom: Whitechapel, Torchwood
Characters: Joe Chandler/Ianto Jones
Rating: PG
Word Count: Around 850
Setting: London (Whitechapel, specifically.)
Author's Notes/Summary: Ianto Jones, formerly of Torchwood 3, works for the Whitechapel Police as Ed Buchan's assistant in the station's archive. Ianto and DI Joe Chandler have known each other for awhile, and things are starting to...turn into more than just a friendship or working relationship. Check out tags at the top if you're interested in other related fic. (If anyone is interested in more of this pairing, follow @SometimesARebel and @TeaBoyIanto on twitter.)

Shirts and SuitsCollapse )

Snippet: Joe, Whitechapel

Because I was looking at Joe's ties...

First... he thinks maybe the tie would be first. Your fingers would slither down the whole length, so slowly feeling the silk like it was a part of him. You'd undo the tie pin, re-fasten it and efficiently put it back with his other tie pins like that's just one part of what they're here for; like it's an absolutely necessary step - a step anyone would take.

You'd pad back, socks on carpet, and slide your long fingers over the silk again, loosening the knot centimeter by centimeter. He'll be getting hard without even having been physically touched. You're amazing. You know exactly which of his buttons to push.
Fandom: Whitechapel
Title: Below the Surface
Author: chlare
Rating: R
Pairing/Characters: No pairing, DI Joe Chandler
Summary: Joe is a hard man to know, and he knows it.
Word Count: nearly 500
Warnings/Spoilers: Masturbation
Disclaimer: Characters herein do not belong to me. No profit or copyright infringement intended.
A/N: In honor of the last day of mmom. Cross-posted to AO3.

Under the SurfaceCollapse )
Fandom: Whitechapel, Torchwood
Characters: Joe Chandler/Ianto Jones
Rating: PG
Word Count: Around 930
Setting: London (Whitechapel, specifically.)
Author's Notes/Summary: Ianto Jones, formerly of Torchwood 3, works for the Whitechapel Police as Ed Buchan's assistant in the station's archive. Ianto and DI Joe Chandler have known each other for awhile, and things finally come to a head. This is a sequel to Tracing the Line (The Line Back to You); probably best to read that one first. (If anyone is interested in more of this pairing, follow @SometimesARebel and @TeaBoyIanto on twitter)

Finding the Line (the Line Back to You)Collapse )



Fandom: Whitechapel, Torchwood
Rating: G
Word Count: Around 1300
Setting: London (Whitechapel, specifically.)
Author's Notes/Summary: Ianto Jones, formerly of Torchwood 3, works for the Whitechapel Police as Ed Buchan's assistant. He and DI Joe Chandler have known each other for awhile, and things finally come to a head. This is mostly to indulge me, but also it coincides nicely with kayama's birthday week. Happy Birthday! (If anyone is interested in more of this pairing, follow @SometimesARebel)

Tracing the Line (the Line Back to You)Collapse )


There's a sequel here: Finding the Line
I Know What You Mean

A continuation of TheFerretGirl's fic here: http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1s14mkg
Fandom: Whitechapel, Torchwood, a smidge of Angel the Series
Rating: PG, for language?
Word Count: Around 900
Setting: London (Whitechapel, specifically.)
Author's Notes: There's a lot of backstory, but I don't think it's crucial to know in order to follow along. Apologies, I am seriously rusty at this writing stuff. Hopefully, I didn't muck up your Ianto too much, FG. (If anyone is interested in more of this pairing, follow @SometimesARebel)

Joe didn't know which way was up sometimes.Collapse )

Downton, Downton, Downton.

That is all. Feel free to be spoilery in the comments. I'm up-to-date for once.

In other news, I've let my paid account lapse. Not sure how I feel about that, but I'm leaving it for the time being...

TV...Highs and Lows

TV I'm sorry to see go (extremely sorry in some cases):

Whitechapel - I don't get why it's cancelled at all. Such a lovely and different sort of show. I can't seem to find s4, but nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed the three seasons I did see.
Warehouse 13 - bit on the fence about this one, but still, those are characters I'll miss.
Smash - My guilty pleasure, but the singing and the songs were truly good in a lot of instances.
LEWIS. I really can't quite believe it's done.

TV I'm really looking forward to seeing more of this year:

Downton! YAY!
Call the Midwife! I totally enjoy this show, in spite of the screaming labor and crying babies. Wonderful characters.
Bletchley Circle

Has anyone looked at the WIGS online shows? watchwigs.com
Pretty amazing that they're all shows centered around women and they're only online content with tons of well-known actors.


But this one is really awesome: A New Romantic

Chandler/Kent - very well written, a 'first-time' fic. Very wonderful navigating of potentially muddy waters for Chandler and for Kent. Also, I like the insight into Kent's roommates (maybe there's more about them in S4? I just don't know since I haven't seen it, but I enjoyed how the author cobbled them together in this fic). I think I also like that Chandler isn't portrayed and being averse to sex, or necessarily to relationships, just that he hasn't found the right person - which doesn't sound right but I'm not explaining well. More that he's not straight/bi/whatever, he finds love more available when he knows the person better. Demisexual, I think is the word for it, if labels help. But the author has also brought in little bits of Chandler's OCD in a credible way that folds into the relationship, i.e., not just sprinkling his anxieties & reactions in randomly or for no purpose.

I don't know, it's just really good. So far, anyhow. Only 5 of 11 chapters posted, but it is all written and the author is keeping to a posting schedule.

It's a cozy in bed, hot chocolate on the couch when it's gray outside sort of fic. The kind you want to snuggle into and soak up.

Life is messy, amiright?

It's a sign of how much this type of abuse upsets me that I can't even read a fictional account of it as part of a fairytale re-write.

Yes, there are loads of kinds of abuse and they're all terrible in their own right - I'm definitely not saying this is worse than some other kind - it just hits me in all the wrong places.

It's that sort of abuse that make physically abused women go back to their attacker. That jealous, protectiveness that turn people into dolls or possessions. That kind of abuse that is very closely assimilated into many cultures as being good. You want to protect those things that are most precious, right? Why wouldn't you? And this is how it gets justified to the victim.

"No, you can't see your friends/family/people outside of me because I want you to myself. You're all I have."
"No, you can't go anywhere alone because I want you to be safe."
"I want you to wear/do/say/have x, y, z because I like it and you want to please me, don't you?"

These sorts of things. That sound perfectly reasonable. And aren't.

A lot of it, I see in bdsm-based fanfic, and it upsets me. Yes, those are things that people might want in a scene - but I also feel like sometimes people writing it, don't get why that sort of degradation could be appealing - and why it shouldn't be used on people who aren't in that sort of relationship where it can stop.

Those little mind games that the abuser insinuates into a conversation, the 'I know what's best for you, I know what's important, I am the end-all-be-all of your existence' mentality. I get it, some people want that. There is definitely a difference though between a healthy relationship with elements of that dynamic, and one that is an inch away from violence. I don't find it safe. Or empowering. And it's all too close to what makes the rift between equality for women and men so wide. Imbalance of power. Wanting to keep others in their place. Wanting control.

Anyhow. It makes me really uncomfortable. Wanted to put it on paper, so-to-speak.

Crafty things...

So instead of NaNoWriMo this year, I was going to do NaNo-Craft-Mo...or something to that effect for myself. I didn't exactly make it to 30 crafty things in a month, but I did finish up some cool felt ornaments and got a good start on a pretty awesome hat, if I do say so myself. (And thunder_nari asked for pictures, so here they be!)

This is the verrrry beginning of the hat (Click to see 'em bigger. Except not this one since it's much blurrier than I thought it was.)

More pics under the cut.Collapse )

In other more positive news...

I loved the new Thor. Truly spectacular.

spoilery talkCollapse )

Previews for the new Captain America movie and the X-men Past Future whatever movie looked good. I'm still baffled by the trend to remake already blockbuster movies/franchises - Robocop, some Jack Ryan movie. Anyhow. The previews were good. The movie was good. Good times were had by me.

I can't help it.

What he said was, "I want to trust you."

What he meant was, "I want to love you."

- - -

What he said was, "I didn't do it for him."

What he meant was, "I did it for you."


Am procrastinating cleaning the garage by writing Whitechapel fic... Erm. It's been a long time since I've written anything longer than a tweet and I am rusty. But I'm enjoying the comments feature in Google Docs so I can easily mark things where I need to go back and check details with canon instead of...turning the text red or something and not remembering why I did that. Behind the times, I know.

Anyway... Apparently, there's a difference between loath and loathe. I had no idea they were spelled different. Knew the different meanings but not how to distinguish one from the other aside from context.

Loath = adjective. Unwilling or reluctant
Loathe = the verb, to hate, despise, etc.

Your fun fact for the day!

There needs to be more Whitechapel

I've only been able to watch through season 3 on Amazon, but I haven't felt this interested in a show in a long time it seems like.

I don't even like spooky anything, but DI Chandler and DS Miles are so marvelous. Rupert Penry-Jones - gah, I just want more of him everywhere. I love him in Persuasion and he's great in Silk (another show I want more of!) so I'm trying to find a chance to watch the 39 Steps soon.

But yes, more Whitechapel. Kent is also on my adorable list, just for being so determined and yet so starry-eyed... You know what I mean. I also like Riley, she makes for a change of pace with the guys.

Possibly one of my favorite things about the show is that in spite of it being a modern setting, they've somehow given it a feel like these guys could be working 40 years ago. (Probably the tailored suits don't hurt in that respect either). It's got this lovely historic ambience to it even when you see an iphone now and then. They've minimized the modernity without masking it. They've haven't had to reach for that look, but you can tell it's carefully crafted in a way that it doesn't look like they're trying too hard or making parts of the investigations seem implausible.

Anyway. Chandler/Kent. I would read it. (Also, thanks alizarin_nyc for mentioning this show just enough that it stayed in the back of my brain as something I should watch!)

Whut? Lewis? What?

Really the article date says it was this week... "'We never said we were giving it up,' he laughed."

But--- I thought they were really, really calling it quits with Kevin Whately and LF - I had some small hope that they might revive it with different actors, but...I really hadn't expected any returning for either Lewis or Hathaway. *head explodes*


I feel like there should be AUs where Katniss doesn't make it and Prim and Peeta end up together. Where are all the Prim POV stories? I mean, she's this huge motivator and plot point, but she's hardly treated as a person in her own right at times. AO3 doesn't seem to have much in the way of her side of the story and I'm a tiny bit surprised. Thoughts?

Trying to decide if I should do NaNoWriMo this year...

I left my heart...

Really want to go to San Francisco next weekend for the Renegade Craft Show - it was great last year - but I just don't feel good about running my little car over the mountains right now. I'm sure it would probably end up being fine, but everybody's out of town right now and it's not a good drive to break down on. Meh. I don't know. I looked at Amtrak prices and even flights, but that's either a lot of time or a surprising amount of money for an hour flight. I'm considering renting a car. Then I wonder if I would just be worrying the whole time that something would happen to it.

I don't know, maybe I'm just too neurotic right now. Stressed at work, stressed with getting the house in order, stressed with not sleeping well...

Yikes, this was supposed to be a more upbeat post. All I can say is thank goodness for The Big Bang Theory reruns just before bed. Laughing is good. Nerds, I miss nerds.

Also? This is awesome: The Least of All Possible Mistakes - by rageprufrock - Lestrade is actually Georgiana and she's pretty kick ass, and Mycroft has a ridiculously subtle way of winning people over. It's great. Not a genderswap in the sense of one day they wake up as a girl, just Lestrade as a character happens to be interpreted as a bit different silver fox. ;) I highly recommend, esp. if you're looking for something long that you can get lost in.

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday wishes to thunder_nari! I hope your day was wonderful and full of doggy kisses at the very least.


Food, things.

Made this for dinner tonight. It was pretty darn good. I enjoy her pasta recipes.

Made shredded chicken/tomatoes/avocado/cheese soft tacos last night. Very fresh.

Have also been watching The Big Bang Theory before. So terribly cute - and often hits so very close to home. I definitely know some of those guys.

How's everything going?

I feel like I must have things to talk about, but I can't think of things that wouldn't be complaining or just listing all the things I need to do but am too lazy to do. ;P

Hope you're all well.

Jun. 12th, 2013

Happy birthday nevcolleil! I hope it was a good one and that all is well with you!


Oh, you know...this and that.

And you still are making me say wtf, H50. Nearly caught up - but I still cannot believe how stupid Kono was going to that warehouse. And I really don't like the teasers like, 'omg, someone on the team is going to be gone/dead/whatever!' Such lame-ness, since well, they don't normally kill people off who are main characters, and b) it's just so much hyperbole, just let me watch the damn thing and be shocked or dismayed on my own, will you?

Have managed to survive the wisdom teeth extraction. Not gross, but not critical for your knowledge, since y'all probably don't need a play-by-playCollapse )

Work is still hugely busy. Which is good, but it's wearing me down, yanno? I do get to laugh a lot with my brothers at work - which is only unfortunate right now since smiling is still not super easy. But, laughing, good. I know I'm lucky that way.

Need to figure out how I'm going to go about painting the trim on the house. Remind me to not buy a house that's in a Homeowner's Association. Gah. It's not looking its best, but still. It's like being in preschool the way they police you. Need to also get my butt in gear about the whole house-hunting situation. I'm never going to get moved out if I don't get started sometime.

I keep seeing ads for free (pet) adoption days and really want to consider having a pet again. I miss having a cat around. But I think I need to really take the time to envision how that would work out. I don't work that long of hours, but it can be a lot of time that I'm not home, so I think there would have to be two cats. Or a dog that I could take to work... My brother has been bringing his over the past month or so and it's been pretty nice. But then he is a pretty damn laid-back dog. Anyway. Something to ponder.

Movies I still need to see: Iron Man, Star Trek, possibly the Great Gatsby, also possibly Epic.

Super glad there's going to be a third season of Call the Midwife. For all the cringe-worthy, leg-crossing parts, I just have so much love for the characters. It's not often you get a show with basically all women in the main roles, and strong women with such great facets to their personalities. ---And characters who are not constantly raked over the coals by the writers, which in this case is due to the source material and for that I'm grateful. Drama does not always lie in tearing people apart or making great complex arcs that get convoluted over time and you just can't step back from. Okay, okay, enough of my soapbox.

...And how are you fine folks out there?


Um, what, H50?

Okay, I made no effort whatsoever to suspend my disbelief about the sneaking into North Korea plot AGAIN, for basically no reason, but this talk show episode... YOU ARE JUMPING THE SHARK MAKING SHITTY EPISODES ON PURPOSE, AREN'T YOU, HAWAII 5-0??? JUST TO SHOW YOU CAN DO ANYTHING AND STILL GET RENEWED.

In other news, this is one of my favorite summer recipes. It's light, I feel like I'm eating healthy and it's so easy. There's the nutty pine nuts, fresh veggies and the comfort food of pasta. I use tortellini sometimes instead of the ravioli so I don't have to be as careful when tossing it all together, otherwise you'll get a ravioli bursting open and looking kind of unpleasant - plus the tortellini allows for more of the other stuff to join your forkful.

I am stocking up on entertainment for my wisdom teeth surgery - any long fics you'd care to recommend? Sherlock, Avengers, Hawaii 5-0, X-Men, pretty much whatever as long as it's well-written. Or if there's movies or shows you'd care to shout out, that's good too.

Firefly Marathon recording tomorrow! Thanks, Science Channel. Yes, Science, not Syfy... It makes me laugh too, don't worry.


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